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Anthem Review

Posted by liuqahs15 on November 1, 2009

0978045228125_500X500A little review I did of Ayn Rand’s Anthem. No, it’s not very good, but it’s my first try at a critique of literature.

Though Ayn Rand more officially struck it big with We the Living, Anthem is undoubtedly the story which propelled her and her philosophy closer to the forefront of the collective literary minds. With that weight on its shoulders, as well as the weight of nearly a century of time since its initial publication, readers of today might find themselves tentatively interested in this tale. What can be said for sure of it is that Anthem is a novella which momentarily loses its place as a narrative and exposes itself to be a manifesto, which outlines the core values of an objectivist in his or her own splendor. The story takes advantage of this by using its momentum to thrust the reader into a wildly immersive, intensely captivating and nearly unequivocally thrilling read that, unfortunately, loses its edge toward the end.

I posted in on, because I couldn’t find a website to offer it to. Go ahead… laugh!


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