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Contact Details:




Phone #: Available At Request

Availability: From 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. (US EST)



  • Feature Writer
  • Editorial Writer
  • Game Reviewer
  • News Contributor
  • Editing


  • WordPress
  • Blogger
  • Microsoft Word
  • HTML


  • Love working in teams
  • Love to network
  • Enjoy interacting with others in the industry


  • Audio editing skills
  • Can type at a rate of over 80 words per minute
  • Adaptable writing style


1. This Is My Joystick ( – Voluntary Editor Position

  • Submitted large amounts of posts per week.
  • Contributed reviews.
  • Website did not feature news articles.
  • Worked alongside Senior Editor (Andy Corrigan) to decide site content.
  • Worked alongside Senior Editor to edit pieces before being posted.
  • Contributed ideas for featured articles.
  • Took part in advertising campaign.

2. Go! Gaming Giant ( – Paid Executive Editor Position

  • Submit large amounts of posts per week.
  • Contributed reviews.
  • Contributed previews.
  • Contributed editorials.
  • Assign articles to writers.
  • Edited and published most articles.

3. The Star Reviews ( – Paid Staff Writer Position

  • Contribute reviews.
  • Contribute previews.

4. Demand Studios ( – Paid Staff Writer Position

  • Contribute articles

5. Gameonn – ( –  Paid Staff Writer Position

  • Contributed reviews
  • Contributed previews
  • Contributed editorials

6. Allegedly-Speaking – ( – Voluntary Editor in Chief Position

  • Contributed/Edited Reviews
  • Contributed/Edited News
  • Contributed/Edited Previews
  • Contributed/Edited Features
  • Podcast Co-host


Previously a fiction author:

Personal Blog:

Currently Employed By:

  • Not Currently Employed

Currently Looking For:

Any position you will offer.


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