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Gaming’s Toughest Questions

Posted by liuqahs15 on October 31, 2009

coverSo if you don’t know, I’m writing for Game Mode, Pakistan’s first ever video games magazine. Yeah it sounds crazy, but it’s a cool new place to toss some fresh ideas. Here’s the first graph.

To simplify matters without much flowery language, to game is to experience. What we experience varies specifically from game to game, but generally each game we play is the result of a great many efforts finding some form of cohesion, and being laid in our hands via a controller. So, now that we’ve knocked down two questions already—those being what it means to game and what we experience when we game—we’ve still got two more to confront: how do we choose which games to experience, and why do we choose to experience them at all?

Get a copy of Game Mode for the rest.


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Blending In

Posted by liuqahs15 on October 30, 2009

ayn_randHere’s a piece on plots in gaming:

Gaming has undoubtedly grown to a more universally accepted medium, which is in stark contrast to its former representation in society as a children’s toy for stupid kids and immature men. Now society better understands our passion, and moving forward maybe those who are still skeptics can at least recognize that men aren’t the only kinds of immature people playing video games well into their thirties. One can only dream, but that is an issue to tackle in another article. In this one we’re going to talk about societal integration, boys and girls. The main point beyond that is the prevalence of literature, and its place in games.


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