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It’s a bit difficult to form a paragraph of any interest about myself. But I suppose I could best be described as flexible. I’m always steadfast in my beliefs, but I’m never so resolute as to obscure the prospect of new ideas ousting my old ones. I’m talkative, love fresh opinions, and spend more moments reading and writing than thinking. And if you think I sound like someone you’d want to speak to, get in contact with me at any time through any of the methods below.

Chances are, if you’ve stumbled across this blog, you’re interested in getting in contact with me; and hopefully it’s because you want to do business. Whatever your cause, I’d prefer that you e-mailed me, though a call is fine, as well. Aside from those methods, I’m on twitter, or you can head to the forums of any website I’m a staffer on and send me a private message–if either of those serve your purpose better.


Phone #: Available At Request

Twitter: S3Prototype297


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